Buffalo Chapter
American Guild of Organists

About Us

Officers 2017-2018

Dean:                Edward Witul
Sub-Dean:         Tim Socha
Secretary:          Priscilla Wiedl
Treasurer:          Roger Dahl

Executive Committee (until 2018): Tim Dykstra, Diane Green, Joanne Jasinski 
Executive Committee (until 2019): David Bond, Robert Duerr
Executive Committee (until 2020):

Registrar:           Caryn Lawler
Auditors:            Peter Gonciarz, Robert Hull, Jeanne Suski
Historian:           David Carmer
Education:         Joanne Jasinski
Goodwill:           Christina Shrewsbury
Librarian:           Marlene Harrington
Competitions:    Tim Socha
Substitutes:       Marilyn Pfisterer
Website:            John Novak
Chaplain:           Rev. Stuart Buisch
Past Dean:         John Novak

Buffalo Chapter AGO Operating Procedures - amended June 2016

AGO Code of Ethics

The National Organization:

Under the leadership of the National Council, a network of volunteer committees and officials at the regional, district, and local levels directs the activities of the Guild. The AGO National Headquarters is in New York City where a full time staff supports and coordinates publication, administration, and development activities of the organization. For purposes of administration and representation, the Guild is divided into nine geographical regions, and each chapter is assigned to one of them.



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